Gin Tonic

A tray full of Gin Tonic, garnished with a lime slice.
A tray full of Gin Tonic, garnished with a lime slice. (Source: cyclonebill, License: CC BY-SA 2.0


The Gin Tonic is a longdrink made out of only two ingredients: Gin and Tonic Water. Thus, this highball is fast and easy to prepare and currently experiences a resurrection (although you could argue it has never been gone) celebrating its status as a modern classic with numerous variations.


The cocktail was invented by the British army in the 1700s. It was discovered that quinine, the ingredient of the Indian tonic water, can be used to prevent and treat malaria, a disease prevalent in India and other tropical regions. Due to its very bitter flavor, water, lime, and gin were used to increase the overall taste of the “medicine”.

Today’s tonic waters contain a lot less quinine than back in those days and usually is sweetened for a pleasurable drinking experience.


  • Mix together your selected gin and tonic water right in the glass
  • Ratios between gin and tonic water can vary depending on your personal taste (from 1:1 to 1:3)


A classical Gin Tonic is traditionally garnished with a little piece of lime, either a slice or a wedge. Often it also gets squeezed a little before being placed as a garnish.

In the UK it has become common to use a piece of lemon instead. Using both of them together is known as an “Evans”.

Gin Tonics served with with Hendrick’s Gin are typically garnished with a slice of cucumber.

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